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Manual Service for Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, Gti 1999-2005

Volkswagen Golf Mk4

Golf Mk4

Was the best selling car in Europe in 2001 (though it slipped to second place, behind the Peugeot 206, in 2002).

The Mk4 was a deliberate attempt to take the Volkswagen Golf series further upmarket, with a high-quality interior and higher equipment levels, to compete with the Audi A3.

Volkswagen golf mk4

Overall the level of maturity of the design and its target audience were also evident — the humorous plays on the game of golf which resulted in special edition models of the three earlier generations being called "Golf Ryder", "Golf Driver", not to mention the GTI's "golf ball" gearlever knob were dropped, and replaced with a more subtly styled golf ball knob.

It was replaced in 2004 by the Volkswagen Golf Mk5 in European Markets. However, Manufacturing continued in South America, Mexico and China for developing Markets.

The Saloon Deriative, The Volkswagen Bora, is still manufactured in South America, under the name VW Clasico.

Design and engineering

The Golf Mk4 was a significant car in its class. As with its big brother, not only was it the first step of Volkswagen moving its products upmarket to plug a gap between the mainstream machines and the premium cars, with SEAT and Škoda taking over as the mainstream in a new level of interior quality and sophistication never seen before from a mainstream brand in the class. In fact, the quality of the Golf was on a par with its sister Audi A3 from the year before, but cost considerably more than other cars in its class.

The latest model remained faithful to the Golf concept but included some of the new "arched" styling themes first seen on the Mk4 Passat.

Manual service
Its for volkswagen golf, jetta, gti 1999-2005
Volkswagen service manual
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